The Confucius Institutes are non-profit educational institutions jointly established by Chinese and overseas partner institutions based on principles of mutual respect, friendly consultation, equality and mutual benefit. Establishment of these Institutes should firstly be applied for voluntarily by the overseas institutions.

Scope of Service

1.Conducting Chinese language teaching and relevant research;

2.Carrying out teaching and research in other related disciplines or fields where the Chinese language is used as the teaching language;

3.Providing education and training for Chinese language teachers;

4.Developing Chinese language teaching and learning resources;

5.Running language and cultural exchange programs between China and other countries;

6.Administering examinations and offering certification in regards to Chinese language and culture;

7.Conducting research and providing consulting services regarding Chinese education, culture, economy, etc;

8.Other activities consistent with the mission of the Confucius Institutes.

Ecology of Cooperation

The Confucius Institute’s ecology for cooperation is jointly forged by the CIEF, Chinese and foreign partner institutions and a wide range of external partners with the Confucius Institute as the central point and aims to serve Confucius Institute students as well as Chinese learners across the world. All parties involved are committed to establishing an extensive, closely connected and benefit-sharing global network of partners and a community with a shared future.

The CIEF, responsible for the overall management and operation of the Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom brands, does not directly engage in specific management affairs of Confucius Institutes in principle. It is mainly responsible for: raising funds from all walks of life, both at home and abroad, to support the development of Confucius Institutes across the world; planning for the overall development and brand communication of the Confucius Institute; formulating brand standards and guidelines; reviewing and authorizing the establishment of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms; and promoting the teaching quality of Confucius Institutes through individual self-assessments, cross-assessments between different Confucius Institutes and third-party assessments with coordinated efforts.

As major participants in the construction of the Confucius Institute, Chinese and foreign partner institutions are responsible for the daily operation and management of the Confucius Institutes. In addition, it is also their responsibility to formulate specific plans for the development of Confucius Institutes and establish operational mechanisms and a series of rules and regulations that guarantee the institutes’ sustainable and high-quality development in line with the Regulations of the Confucius Institute and the overall plan of the Confucius Institute in combination with local conditions. Meanwhile, these Chinese and foreign partner institutions provide Confucius Institutes with necessary teaching resources and faculty, and jointly raise funds for their daily operation and future development.

As an indispensable support system for the Confucius Institute community, our external partners cover all Chinese and overseas enterprises and social organizations that promote the development of the Confucius Institute through their own initiative.

Indeed, the Confucius Institute needs the support of its partners, whose participation has not only laid a more solid foundation for the future development of the Confucius Institute, but has also expanded the influence of the Confucius Institute brand. Through its services, the Confucius Institute has also created more opportunities, as well as a wider space and stage, for the development of its partners in return.

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